Organic Production at PerNaturam

PerNaturam is a manufacturer, and we have always attached particular importance to the origin and quality of our products and since June 25, 2019, PerNaturam has also been a recognized EU organic farm.

What exactly is behind the EU organic seal?

"Organic production has the following general objectives: Establishing a sustainable farming system that

respects the systems and cycles of nature and maintains and promotes the health of soil, water, plants and animals and the balance between them,

contributes to a high level of biological diversity,

uses energy and natural resources responsibly, such as water, soil, organic matter and air,

observe high animal welfare standards and, in particular, meet species-specific behavioral needs.”

In concrete terms, this means for plants, for example:

No genetically modified plants, seeds, soil improvers

The right choice of variety, crop rotation and cultivation methods should protect the plants from pests

If a threat to the crops is identified, pesticides can be used, but they are subject to strict criteria (e.g. natural substances such as neem tree products, quassia wood or traditionally used substances such as sulfur or copper salts are permitted)

Weeding may only be done mechanically and thermally

No mineral nitrogen fertilizers

Soil compaction and erosion should be prevented, soil stability and biological diversity in the soil should be improved, the humus content in the soil should be maintained or increased

Which products are already organic?

We started the transition with liquid products for horses, dogs and cats. You can find a list of our organic products here.

We will expand the range of offers. We started with the plants, but it won't stop there. One thing is for sure: all products, whether organic or not, are made by us with care and love. We are and will remain a manufacturer that follows the path of nature.