A long period of life usually also connects us with our older horses, time spent together, intimate friendship, even love. Even if you look at their age, our old horses live on in our hearts with the power and strength that has now passed.

Age is not a disease and every horse is subject to wear and tear and aging processes. Older horses in particular need an optimized basic feed, roughage with species-rich herbal supplements and easily digestible vegetable-herb mixtures rich in minerals for special attention. The metabolism should be stimulated again and again and special attention should be paid to the digestive and cleansing organs, i.e. the liver, bile, intestines, kidneys, skin, spleen and lymph. That's not complicated at all. Herb mixtures with their bitter substances, their secondary plant ingredients and their natural antioxidants help effectively. They increase the immune system, support cell metabolism and improve overall vitality. If we care for our older horses in an age-appropriate way, we give them more time to live and a better quality of life. How much more do they give us for it.

How you can improve flexibility and mobility, support the cardiovascular system, what options there are for draining via the liver and kidneys can be found in the relevant catalog chapters.