Heart & Kidneys

Dietary supplement for a healthy heart and functioning kidneys: specially adapted to the needs of your dog.

What do these two organs that seem so completely different actually have in common? After all, the kidney is the elimination organ for the water-soluble substances and the heart with the blood circulation is the life engine of the body.

Well, in order for the internal organs to do their job, they depend on good blood circulation. This applies to the liver and lungs and also to the kidneys, in which the blood pressure is higher than in the rest of the body so that the kidneys can perform their filtration work. In older animals with poor circulation, the kidneys can no longer perform to their full potential. This is why circulatory-regulating agents also have a kidney-supportive effect in older dogs.

The most important functions of the kidneys are the regulation of the water balance, the excretion of urinary substances and the control of blood pressure, the electrolyte balance and thus also the acid-base balance. Herbs, vegetables and fruits can support the work of the kidneys very well.

And in the heart, dogs have a special space that, while not anatomically identifiable, is undoubtedly there. The unconditional and unlimited love for her people is implanted in it. All dog owners know that dogs are love on four paws.